At one moment in the meeting room of the Semarang City Secretariat (Thursday, September 29, 2022) there are attended the Head of Pusbindiklatren Bappenas (Dr. Guspika), Semarang City Secretary (Ir. H. Iswar Aminuddin, MT), Head of Development Planning Agency at Sub-National Level (represented M. Luthfi Eko Nugroho, ST, MT), Head of Department Urban and Regional Planning/DURP (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wiwandari Handayani), Head of Master of Urban and Regional Planning/MURP (Wido Prananing Tyas, PhD) and team, held a meeting to discuss the implementation of Cost sharing/Co-funding for capacity building in Government of Semarang city through a degree education program at MURP UNDIP in 2023.

At the meeting attended Dr. Wignyo Adiyoso to explain the cost-sharing policy and cost-sharing/co-funding design of the education program of The Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas. MURP explain the cooperation alternative of degree and double degree program among UNDIP and the Government of Semarang city. This meeting resulted in an agreement that benefited all participants to increase the capacity and quality of human resources in Indonesia, especially in urban planning and development.