Masters Program in Urban and Regional Planning, Diponegoro University (MPURP UNDIP) is a master’s degree study program that aims to produce graduates who have competence in solving regional and urban planning and development issues. As outlined in the learning outcomes program, the profile of MPURP UNDIP graduates is designed to be: (1) Planners and policy makers who are able to develop regional and city planning documents in accordance with appropriate processes, procedures and approaches, and are able to formulate urban and regional planning programs and policies; (2) Policy evaluators who are able to assess and evaluate regional and city planning programs in accordance with social, economic, environmental, and institutional principles; as well as functional staffs/experts such as (3) academics and (4) researchers.

Urban development requires the ability of government officials who understand basic and contemporary problems in urban areas, and are able to respond emerging and accute problems, so that accurate and optimal decision making in solving these problems can be achieved. By understanding that problems in urban areas are multi and cross-sector including economic, social, physical environment, the ability of government officials to understand and solve these problems is very important.

MPURP UNDIP has various educational programs that can improve the ability of human resources to understand problems in urban areas. These educational programs include regular master’s education programs (Master by Course) or research-based master’s education programs (Master by Research). Master by Course is regularly open to prospective students from various related disciplines, while Master by Research is specifically dedicated to graduates from the regional and urban planning discipline.

The Master by Course can also be pursued with the Dual Degree model, in which students are allowed to divide the education components in two universities (MPURP UNDIP and partner universities in overseas), so that two degrees can be achieved at the same time by students.

Various educational cooperation programs have been carried out by MPURP UNDIP for a long time, both with domestic and foreign institutions. Domestically, MPURP UNDIP has been still collaborating with BAPPENAS, Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Information, Ministry of Transportation and various local governments in Indonesia. Meanwhile, educational collaborations abroad include a number of universities in France, Germany, Japan, the United States, South Korea, and Australia. In addition to Dual Degrees, educational collaborations with international partners include the implementation of Field Work Studios (KKL) and Joint International Studios.

With the spirit and experience above, MPURP UNDIP is ready to contribute to preparing the future generations of regional and city planners who is competent and reliable.