In line with the spirit of Indonesian Landscape Architects Association (IALI) to improve the biodiversity in Indonesia, on Tuesday 12 July 2022, IALI visits the Department of Urban and Regional Planning (DURP) – Diponegoro University for tree planting program i.e., Kepel (Stelechocarpus burahol) and Namnam (Cynometra cauliflora) as both plants are included in the rare and endemic plants category.

Endemic plants are plants that only exist in a certain region (area) and are not found in other regions (area), can include certain islands, countries and places (Source: Kepel plant is one of the favorite plants of the Javanese court princesses. Kepel tree is believed have “adhiluhung” philosophy, as a symbol of mental and physical integrity (Source: Namnam believed have a high antioxidant and useful (beneficial) for health (Source:

 This activity is one of  DURP effort to support the development of “Green Campus” in Diponegoro University to having environmental friendly and sustainable campus (Sustainable Development Goals 15 – Land Ecosystem). This is also one of the Undip commitment as according to UI GreenMetric World University Rankings Awards 2021 conference, the University was ranked as the 2nd Most Sustainable University in Indonesia.