The Masters Program in Regional and City Development (MPWK) at Diponegoro University held an annual event, Studio Seminar and KKL Exhibition on Tuesday, June 18, 2019. This seminar and exhibition aims to showcase the work of S2 and S1 students in studio courses and Field Work Lectures. (KKL). This 2019 studio seminar has the theme “Regional Planning and Arrangement at the Magelang Border”. This event was preceded by ribbon cutting by the Head of the Undip DPWK Department, Dr. Ir. Hadi Wahyono, MA symbolically opened the exhibition in the Courtyard of Building A Floor 1 DPWK. Then proceed with an exhibition or expo of the results of the studio and KKL in several booths that have been prepared.

The event continued with a seminar which was attended by guests from the City Government and Magelang Regency, including the Assistant to the Magelang Regency Government, the Head of Bapeda Magelang City, and the Head of Grabag Sub-district. The opening of the seminar by the Head of the Department, followed by the presentation of a keynote speech from Bappelitbangda Central Java Province, delivered by Mr. Debi Triasmoro, ST, MM. regarding “Implementation of Handling Fast Developing Areas and Borders Around Magelang”. At this seminar, Masters students also explained the results of their studies in planning and managing the area around Magelang, including the area around Borobudur Temple, Grabag District, and the fast-growing area in Magelang City through the studio. Three presentations that represent each concentration in the Masters Program in Regional and Urban Development, namely the Concentration on Spatial Planning, Regional Development Planning, and City Development Management. In accordance with the topic, the selected location is part of the City and Regency of Magelang.

Followed by a discussion session, the discussion according to the topic of the seminar provides more in-depth insight regarding development in the study area. Through this seminar, many responses were obtained from the local government in the form of appreciation and also useful input. This event was also closed with the announcement of the favorite exhibition stand and lunch together in the Courtyard of Building A Floor 1 DPWK.