Department of Urban and Regional Planning especially Master Program of Urban and regional planning held a Workshop of Preparation of Semester Learning Plan for Curriculum 2017. The workshop was attended by 21 lecturers from Master Program of Urban and regional planning.

The Workshop started by the Chairman of the Department of urban and Regional Planning, Dr. Ir. Hadi Wahyono, MA, Then proceed the preparation of learning plans by each lecturers. This workshop was conducted as a guide for the implementation of teaching and learning process in the Master program of Urban and Regional Planning. Besides discussing the latest developments as the effort of Master program curriculum implementation in this workshop also held the discussion of the lecture design based on the core courses or the concentration in the Master Program’s study. Concentration-based discussions such as English Class in Urban and Regional Planning Program, as well as the concentration of Regional Development: Urban Design: Urban Development Management; Development of Housing and Settlements; Urban Infrastructure Management, Spatial Planning, and Information Systems Development Planning.