Teaching Rooms

MRUP have sereval places for students work space discussions, doing tasks or to access the internet. In addition students can use the computer in the computer laboratory and library that has been provided. With a bandwidth capacity of 10 mbps given from the campus server to perform the process of browsing, downloading and uploading, the data transfer process can be done optimally. To be able to further improve student internet access, we also provides unlimited internet fiber optic network outside UNDIP with bandwidth capacity of 10 mbps. The internet network of UNDIP servers can be used for various access such as international journal subscription, academic information system, online financial billing, and other access under local network UNDIP environment. While internet access outside UNDIP environment is used for the benefit of international cooperation and that is high speed requirement such as interviews and lectures on line as well as for the interests of students. This internet facility is supported by facilities and infrastructure both good software and hardware. With the internet access for free and adequate bandwidth, students can use the facility to search for lecture materials. Students are given the freedom of using the classroom and common room to do the tasks. Also provided gazebo for student interaction activities. Although students are free to use the existing classrooms, they still have to comply with the prevailing regulations, namely the curfew limitation for students who are still on campus at night.