Cities and regions in Indonesia have grown rapidly, especially since 1970s. This rapid growth is indicated by the size of built-areas, population, economy, and infrastructures. While its positive impact has been tangible, the development has also tended otherwise. There are huge evidences that poverty, homelessness, transportation bottleneck, and poor basic services are still of significant parts of the development.

Facing with the problems, many regional and city governments have developed intervention measures to prevent more negative consequences of the problem. Integrated planning and development is one of the key policy instruments the governments have done to deal with the issues. Planning and development at regional and urban scale is a process of resources allocation on geographical space to achieve an efficient, effective, balance, and sustainable use of the resources.

Aiming at contributing the better development of Indonesia’s cities and regions, Master program in Regional and Urban Planning (MRUP) Diponegoro University  was established in 1998 with the main objective is to produce urban and regional managers who will have excellent competences to cope with the challenges.