Magister Perencanaan Wilayah & KotaMaster of Urban and Regional Planning has two main buildings including Building A and Building B, as well as laboratories and lecture spaces. Several rooms can function as workspaces for students both for conducting discussions, doing assignments and for internet access. Internet facilities for students of the Master of Urban and Regional Planning can be accessed for free through the WI-FI network in the campus area. In addition, students can take advantage of existing computers in the computer laboratory and library that has been provided. With a bandwidth capacity of 10 mbps given from the central Undip server for browsing, downloading and uploading, the data transfer process can be done optimally. To be able to further improve student internet access, MURP Study Program also provides unlimited fiber optic internet networks outside UNDIP with a bandwidth capacity of 10 mbps.

The internet network from the UNDIP server can be used for various accesses such as subscribed international journals, academic information systems, online financial billing, and other access under the local network of the UNDIP environment. Meanwhile, internet access outside the UNDIP environment is used for the benefit of international cooperation and with high speed requirements such as interviewing and studying on line as well as for the benefit of students. This internet facility is supported by adequate software and hardware facilities and infrastructure. With free internet access and sufficient bandwidth, students can take advantage of the facilities for the process of looking for lecture materials. Students are given the freedom to use classrooms and common rooms to do assignments. A gazebo is also provided for student interaction activities. Although students are free to use existing classrooms, they must comply with applicable regulations, namely the limitation of curfews for students who are still on campus at night.