Public lecture activities were again held by Department of Urban and Regional Planning UNDIP. On this occasion, Dr. Ir. Son Diamar, MSc, returned as speaker by raising the Implications of the Natural Resources Bill for the Practice and Science of Urban and Regional Planning as a lecture topic. Lectures were held in a hybrid manner on Thursday, 2 November 2023 in the Theater Room, Building A, DURP Undip. This lecture activity was attended by public and Master’s students in offline, with Mr. Rukuh Setiadi PhD as moderator.

The material presented by Dr. Ir. Son Diamar, MSc begins with the background of the need for natural resources legislation. Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country in the world, as large as Europe with very rich natural resources, but after 500 years poverty and inequality are still high. This problem is related to natural resource management which has so far ignored science, ethics and the constitution. Such conditions mean that Indonesia needs new laws to manage natural resources.

The lecture then continued with a discussion regarding the draft of natural resources law that had been prepared by the Indonesian Planning Experts Association. This public lecture activity ended with questions and answers session. In closing, Dr. Son Diamar said that he hoped that the Natural Resources Bill could be passed so that all the people would become the “True Owners” of this Country’s Wealth.