Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Engineering of Faculty UNDIP received 50 students for Master’s and Doctor in the odd semester of 2023/2024 on 7 August 2023 at Theater Room and the first batch time DURP received a student doctorate program. They were very enthusiastic during the admission university and matriculation, even though some of them took part online, but this did not reduce their enthusiasm to continue participating in the activity until it was finished.

This semester received 45 master’s programs are Bappenas Scholarship, LPDP, Self-Funding, Double Degree (Hiroshima University) and Co-Funding Semarang City Government. While the doctoral Program received 3 self-funding and 1 education scholarship.

The events were started by welcoming remarks Head of Masters Study Program Wido Pranananing Tyas, Ph.D and opened by the Head of Department URP Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wiwandari Handayani. Attended by lecturers and educational staff for the Masters and Doctoral programs of DURP UNDIP. Symbolically, the Head of the Department URP gave attributes to new students as representatives of the master’s and doctoral programs and was accepted as part of the Department URP. The admission event is accompanied by an Opening Matriculation which all students must participate in an introduction about knowledge of urban and regional planning and academic writing. The matriculation will be held for 8 days from 7 – 16 August 2023.