This visit was in order to initiate cooperation in supporting the Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi Diponegoro University in research and community service. This activity is carried out by each tertiary institution to increase intelligent, creative and critical human resources and delivered the Book of Catalogs of Tourism Support and Accommodation of Labuan Bajo (the result of the collaboration between the DURP UNDIP Kedaireka team and the Labuan Bajo-Flores Authority Executing Agency (BPOLBF)(/p)

On the second visit, the chair Kedaireka team Dr. Wido Prananing Tyas, Head of Department Urban and Regional Planning (DURP) Prof. Dr. Wiwandari Handayani, Dr. Anang Wahyu Sejati, Prof. Imam Buchori, and Dr. Rukuh Setiadi. Other team members from both undergraduate and graduate students of UNDIP Regional and City Planning visited the West Manggarai district in the same activity, as part of the Independent Learning-Independent Campus.(/p)