Master of  Urban and Regional Planning UNDIP has implemented Admission of New Students for the odd semester period of the 2018/2019 academic year on Tuesday, July 31 2018. This event was held in the Theater Room of the Undip MRUP Program which began with a report from the chairman of the MURP Program Dr. sc.agr Iwan Rudiarto, ST, MSc. Next Mr. Dr. Ir. Hadi Wahyono, MA as the Head of the Urban and Regional Planning Department, gave a warm welcome as a welcome greeting to new students. Furthermore, this acceptance event was officially opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering UNDIP, Mr. Ir. Moh. Agung Wibowo, MT, MM, Ph.D. This event was also attended by the Ministry of PUPR, represented by Mr. Sechairo Gulo, ST as the Test Center for the Housing and Settlement Training System. The event then continued with the symbolic handover of attributes to new students by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering. The attributes were handed over to new student representatives, namely Basyier Gemaning Insan and Aulia Sabrinawati. In this new academic year, MURP Undip students accepted 32 new students from Bappenas, Public Works and also regular programs. This event was filled with introductions to lecturers and staff in the MRUP UNDIP environment. At the end of the event, a prayer was read and continued with hospitality and lunch together. The 2018/2019 odd semester new student lectures will then begin on August 13, starting with a 2-week matriculation class with material on Introduction to Development Planning and Academic Writing. The purpose of this matriculation is to provide insight to new MURP students from various disciplines to be able to get the same starting point in lectures.