Master Program of Urban and Regional Development Diponegoro University held a public lecture in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Work and Housing. The public was held in 2 sessions, the first session was held on November 17, 2017 and the second session was held on November 24, 2017. The theme at the first public lecture are Housing Financing in Indonesia with Mr. KreshnarizaHarahap, ST, M .Eng.Sc, he is part of Directorate of Housing Financing System Directorate of Financing and Housing. In the first lecture of the first session, Mr. KreshnarizaHarahap, ST, M.Eng.Scwas explained that the housing finance program in Indonesia must be affordable for various community groups, so that all Indonesian citizens get a decent home.

The theme of the second session was the Integration of the Regional Settlement and Infrastructure System, with the presenter was Dr.IrAchmadHermantoDardak, MSc where he is the Main Widyaiswara of the Ministry of PUPR. He explained how to make Indonesia as one of the countries with integrated settlement system and good infrastructure, because until now the existing infrastructure in Indonesia still does not have good connectivity / integrity. Because with the connected each existing infrastructure in Indonesia will have an impact on various sectors that exist, one of which is the economic sector. One of the real examples described by him is with the construction of a toll road cross Java will facilitate the movement of goods and services on the island of Java so it is expected that the existing economy will increase.