Theme of “Urban Regeneration in Vulnerable Coastal Area” Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Diponegoro University held a public lectures as part of Joint Studio between Master of Urban and Regional Development (MPWK), Diponegoro University with Master of Spatial Planning Programme, Radboud University Netherland and Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MPKD), GadjahMada University. The Public Lectures was held at theater room of MPWK Undip, first floor, building A on the Wednesday, 29th March 2017 from 09.00 to 12.00 a.m and presented 3 speakers Prof Dr. E. van der Krabben (Erwin) dan Dr. Ir. D. A. A. Samsura (Ary) both from Radboud University, Netherlands and Dr. Ir. Suharyanto, M.Sc from Diponegoro University.

Dr. Ary from Radboud University, Netherland as first speaker discussed about the Common Good which means the goods available to the public in an unlimited number but has a sale value. He noted that not all common goods lead tragedy if there are institutional arrangement for managing common goods and avoiding ecosystem collapse. According to him, there are 8 design principles for common goods that consists of clearly defined boundaries, rules adapted to local conditions, participation in the decision making process, good monitoring system, sanctions, conflict resolution, self determination of the community, multiple layers or hested enterprise.

Next speaker is Prof. Erwinfrom Radboud University, Netherland, dealing with property rights and Managing Sustainable Urban Growth. Mr. Erwin focused on three keys need to be used to have Sustainable Urban Growth. The first one is TOD, means how to balance investment and build infrastructure for example public infrastructure connected to firms. This method will reduce pollution and can make the best accesable city. Second, adapting to climate change (climate adaptation and climet proof cities) and the last is green economy transition that responds not only global issues but also urban environment. Mr. Erwin also pointed on property right is the right to use something in a certain way. Relation to spatial planning affects the property right associated with damage and benefits. In addition, he also discussed about Municipal Financial Health or how to provide sufficient revenue for cities to finance through property tax, active land use planning as revenue source, value capture mechanism, nationalization and sale of development right.

And the last speaker is Dr. Suharyanto from Diponegoro University explained about drainage management system in Semarang around Kali Samaran, Kali Asin and Kalibiru. Using top down approach (rapid but not sustainable) has built polder Kali Semarang system which has been operating in 2015 and still under construction is polder Kali Banger system through community participation approach (slow but sustainable)

Started by the short speech from Head of Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Dr. Ir. HadiWahyono, MA, moderated by Dr. FadjarHari, M, ST, MT, MDP and closed with question and answer session. Participants are students from undergraduates and posttgraduatesProgramme of of Department Urban and Regional Planning, Diponegoro University particularly from Master Program, also students from Master of Urban and Regional Planning, GadjahMada University and from Master of Spatial Planning Programme, Radboud University Netherland.