Public lecture. Dr. Ir. H. Son Diamar, MSc on Maritime Development On 11 November 2019, the Master of Regional and Urban Planning carried out a Public Lecture with the theme “” Development towards the World’s Leading Maritime Country: Urgency and Perspective “from Dr. Ir. H. Son Diamar, MSc The Public Lecture was opened by the Chairperson of the Department of Regional and City Planning, UNDIP. Dr. Ir. H. Hadi Wahyono, MA. With a moderator by Mr. Rukuh Setiadi, ST, MSc.PhD, Dr. Ir. H. Son Diamar, MSc give a talk an interesting general lecture material. He explained that based on the 1957 Djuanda Declaration, there were 5 maritime development pillars that needed attention: • Humans including Society, Culture, and Science and Technology • Economy • Regional & Environmental Management • Defense and security • National Legal System From the 5 pillars, Urban dan Regional Planning is closely related to the third part, namely the area & environment management, in the need for an integrated spatial planning between development on land and at sea. Integrated development will create linkages that mutually support activities on land and sea. In realizing this, it is not enough just to have Social Overhead Capital (SOC) and Economic Overhead Capital (EOC), but also the need for Directly Productive Activites (DPA) so that activities are truly formed some basic economic activities. The public lecture provided broader insights not only to students in the Regional and City Planning Department, but also for the lecturers