Knowledge and basic competency

1. Capable to apply the principles and theory of process of regional and urban development from both multi and interdisciplinary perspectives .

Intellectual skill competency

2. Capable to apply method and approaches of regional and urban governance, in aspects of finance and economic, physical environments and infrastructure.

3. Capable to formulate regional and urban plans, programmes, strategies, policies and recommendations in respond the regional and urban problems, governance, financial and economic and physical environment and infrastructure aspects.

Practical and managerial skill competency

4. Capable to apply principles and theories of regional and urban planning in evaluation or practical research activities that produce findings in the form of theoretical and practical knowledge based on certain research methods.


The Correlations between Courses and PLO

Table 1. Correlations Between Courses and Programme Learning Outcome of MPURP- UNDIP

The correlation between SSC 3 and PLO MPURP-UNDIP

Table 2. Table Correlation between SSC 3 and PLO MPURP-UNDIP

The PLO distributed to Courses and Student Assessment Methods

Table 3. Course Matrix towards Assessment Methods and Program Learning Outcome (PLO)