Department of Urban and Regional Planning – Diponegoro University (DURP – UNDIP)


Diponegoro University holds graduation ceremonies four times a year. Graduation ceremonies take place regularly in January, April/May, August, and October/November. Due to a large number of graduates, in each period of its implementation, the graduation ceremony is usually carried out for 2-3 days, taking turns according to the Faculty’s schedule. It was recorded that until the latest period, May 2021, the UNDIP graduation ceremony had been held for the 162nd time. Graduates who are graduated each period usually reach approximately 1,000 students from various faculties. During the pandemic, graduations are held online by using visual aids to represent graduates.

Demonstration props to representing the graduates at the 159th UNDIP Graduation Ceremony Source:

The DURP – UNDIP produces graduates in each period of the graduation ceremony. The average number of DURP – UNDIP graduates for each year is more than 100 students. This number has slightly decreased during the pandemic period in the 2020-2021. Some of the graduates have won a bachelor’s degree with honors (cum laude). The honorary predicate is bestowed to those who meet high academic standards based on the Grade Point Average (GPA) and the length of study. DURP – Undip graduates, both bachelor and master students, are renowned as their high achievers’ graduates with a GPA of 3.90 and even 4.00 (for masters) at several graduation ceremony periods.



The following are some documentation of the graduation celebration carried out in the DURP – UNDIP Campus.

Source: Private Collection