Study Period

The length of study at MURP is 4 semesters. Usually, student can finish its study in 15 months to 18 months depending on study plan students will take.

Joint/Double Degree Programs

MURP also provide a joint or double degree program in collaboration with some overseas universities in developed countries. The collaboration includes universities in France, Germany, and Australia. Students who follow this program must study one year at MRUP before continuing education in the partner universities in the following year.


MURP is open for those who hold bachelor degree in both planning and non-planning disciplines as along as the discipline relates to planning. Prospective students should also graduate from universities that are accredited by the Government.

Academic Calendar

Learning sessions at MRUP start in September and will end in October in the following year. Admission and registration processes can be done from April to July for September intake. Applicants will be selected based on academic merit and proficiency in English.


Tuition fee applicable for domestic students is IDR 33.300.000 for four semesters. This will cover educational cost but does not include other costs such as field visits and additional language courses for those who take double degree program. Within this framework, student will experiences various modes of learning such as classroom learning, studio work, cases, and fieldworks. MRUP believes that the combination of the pedagogies will eventually light up the student mind for not only having academic capabilities but also professional and social experiences as well.