“Planologi Gardening” is one of the activities in a series of events to celebrate the 31st anniversary of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning (DURP) UNDIP. This activity was held on Saturday, September 30 2023 and was enlivened by students, teaching staff and educational staff. Some plants were donated by work units, laboratories within the DURP, and alumni. This gardening activities begin with fertilizing the 105 m long living fence area surrounding the DURP Campus. Fertilization is carried out by new students (class of 2023) through coordination and collaboration with HMTP together with lecturers and education staff. The activity continued with planting ornamental plants in the open area of the DURP parking lot.

The “Planologi Gardening ” activity is an effort by the DURP to support UNDIP to become a beautiful, environmentally friendly and sustainable campus in accordance with the target of achieving SDG 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities.