Master of Urban and Regional Planning, Engineering Faculty, Diponegoro University in Even Semester 2022/2023 carry out matriculation activity for 2 weeks on January 30, 2023, until February 10, 2023, in Theater Room. The Study Program hopes, matriculation can provide new students about the basics and overview of knowledge urban and regional planning. The material presented consists of 2 substances is Academic Writing and Introduction to Planning. Starting with Pre Test to know how far students comprehend Urban and Regional Planning and academic writing. Ending with Post Test to measure of success all students receiving the matriculation session.


Another in-class activity, the students doing field visits to landfills Jatibarang, Bukit Semarang Baru (BSBcity) is a new city area,  housing flats Pekunden and old city Semarang area on February 5, 2023. Attended field visits is all new students,  Dr. Jawoto Sih Setyono (introduction of planning coordinator) and Rukuh Setiadi, PhD (academic writing coordinator) and education staff. The students were very enthusiastic, and it was proven that this activity can stimulate critical thinking of the matriculation material, and to compare it with students’ regions.