Friday, 9th March 2018 the Master Program of Urban and regional planning Diponegoro University held a public lecture on “Issues and Spatial Problems in the Islands Region”. This public lecture delivered by the Regent of Central Bangka, Dr. Ir. H. Ibnu Saleh, MM. His arrival was also accompanied by several heads of SKPD (Satuan Kerja Perangkat Daerah) and staff. In this public lecture was attended by lecturers and students of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning.

The guest lecture opened with remarks from the Chairman of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Ir. Hadi Wahyono, MA. Then proceed with the presentation of curriculum vitae by moderator Dr. Okto Risdianto, ST, MT and the delivery of lecture materials by Mr. Ir. H. Ibnu Saleh, MM. The materials of this lecture contain the introduction of Central Bangka Regency, potential, and problems of the region, the policy of Central Bangka government on facing the problem. Central Bangka has the potential of tin and for the last 40 years, most of the area in this regency is dominated by tin mining factories. However, the current mining area has become state mining areas (Wilayah Pertambangan Negara/WPN). This condition certainly impacts on the economy of society. The Government of Central Bangka has made various policies to keep the economy stable. These policies concern on the development of a populist economic activity, ‘developed economy based on local resources or potential’. Central Bangka is an archipelagic region with a rich natural resource. One of them is a vast sea with a lot of fish potential and become a commodity of this region. In the plantation sector, there is also a great quality of pepper plants, rubber, and gaharu. Not only from the fishery and plantation sectors, Central Bangka also has tourism potential such as Biru Lake, Ketawai Island, Pelawan Forest with Pelawan mushrooms and bitter honey. These potentials become a new hope for the community economy of Central Bangka.

After Mr. Ibnu Saleh finished delivering the material, then continued with a question and answer session. Before the public lecture was completed, the campus represented by Iwan Rudiato, ST, Msc gives a memento to Mr. Ibnu Saleh and closed with a photo session. After the Public Lecture, an MoU has been signed to imporove collaboration between Diponegoro University and The Government of Central Bangka Regency in the near future.