6th February 2018, Department of Urban and Regional Planning held A Guest Lecture UTM-UNDIP Collaboration with a theme of “Urban Heritage in Malaysia”. This Guest Lecture was attended not only students bacheloor program but also followed by master program of Urban and Regional Planning with LAr. Rohayah Che Amat, PhD as the speaker. She is one of the lecturers at UTM Razak School of Engineering and Advanced Technology, University Technology Malaysia. This event is aimed to providing additional knowledge to the students of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, this activity is also expected to strengthen for a better cooperation between the universities.

Openied by the Head of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Dr. Ir. Hadi Wahyono, MA, then proceed with the presentation of curriculum vitae by Ibu Nurini. In this workshop LAr. Rohayah Che Amat, PhD describes some potential and challenges in doing urban design in heritage area in Malaysia. She explained that urban design is a different science with other field, in doing urban design a planner needs to pay attention to all aspects of the building to be able to integrate and create comfort for the user of the building. There are two areas in Malaysia which is a heritage area of ​​George Town and Malacca. In doing urban design in the area of ​​the heritage, the Malaysian government has several challenges including the lack of emphasis in Urban design and heritage area conservation that led to the impression that the new design will eliminate the sense of the heritage area, in addition to the heritage area also has some potential potential tourism so as to increase local revenue.

After LAr. Rohayah Che Amat, PhD finished giving lecture material, then continued with question and answer session with participants who attended. High enthusiasm is shown by the participants with many questions addressed to the speaker